Charlie Alsheimer's "Ultimate Deer Hunting Seminar" is a hard-hitting, three-hour presentation that touches on all the issues that are of interest to whitetail hunting enthusiasts. Alsheimer uses the seminar to share his expert insights on deer behavior and the latest hunting tactics. Some of the topics discussed include:

• Scouting
• Whitetail Behavior
• Understanding the Moon's Influence on Whitetails
• Sign Interpretation
• Hunting Strategies for the Pre-Rut, Rut, and Post-Rut
• Scrape Hunting
• Hunting Weather Fronts
• Calling Whitetails (Calling and Rattling)
• Hunting with Decoys
• Using Scent Attractants
• Masking Human Scent
• Quality Deer Management

One of the unique aspects of Alsheimer's seminar is the way he incorporates his award-winning photography into the presentation. Discussions of deer behavior, hunting with decoys, quality deer management, and other subjects are illustrated with stunning whitetail images. In addition, the seminar features one of two multi-media presentations produced by Alsheimer. "Whitetail: Behavior Through the Seasons" and "Rites of Autumn" chronicle the life of the white-tailed deer, providing an up-close look at every aspect of this magnificent animal.

The conclusion of Alsheimer's seminar is one of its most important features. He ends the presentation with a motivational discussion of the future of deer hunting, encouraging hunters to protect their sport for generations to come.

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