The quality deer management movement is gaining momentum, and Charlie Alsheimer is helping deer hunters everywhere as they set out to improve the quality of the deer herd and the deer hunting experience. Below are three easy ways to learn from Charlie's expertise in this area.

Deer and Deer Hunting magazine features a column written by Charlie that focuses on quality deer management. Be sure to pick up the current and future issues of D&DH so you can stay on top of the latest developments in the world of QDM.

• The Articles section of features four QDM-related stories written by Charlie. "Can QDM Work Down on the Farm?" tells how a small group of landowners implemented a successful program in Steuben County, New York. "Grow Your Own" provides a great blueprint for those interested in starting QDM in their area. "From Buttons to Boone and Crockett: What Are the Odds?" will help you establish some realistic expectations for the bucks on your property. Finally, "QDM Q&A" provides a quick summary of the basic principles of quality deer management.

• Charlie's book, Quality Deer Management: The Basics and Beyond, takes a comprehensive and entertaining look at QDM. It's a "must have" whether you're currently participating in a QDM program or just learning about the concept for the first time. More information is available in our online store.