Looking for more information on the topics discussed at charliealsheimer.com? Check out the websites listed below.
Deer and Deer Hunting magazine is a leading source of practical and comprehensive information on the whitetail deer. Charlie Alsheimer has served Deer and Deer Hunting as a Field Editor for more than twenty years, and his articles and photos are regularly featured in the magazine. Check out the contents of the current issue and get your own subscription at www.deeranddeerhunting.com. The Whitetail Institute, best known as the maker of Imperial Whitetail Clover, is a leading marketer of food plot seed and mineral supplements. It also publishes the Whitetail News, a newspaper featuring articles on deer management and nutrition. Charlie Alsheimer is a regular contributor to this publication and has had great success using Imperial Whitetail products in the food plots on his property. For more information, visit www.deernutrition.com.

Escalade Sports is a leading manufacturer of bowhunting equipment, including Fred Bear, Jennings, and Buckmasters bows. Get more information on Escalade's products at www.escaladesports.com/archery/.

The Christian Bowhunters of America is a non-profit organization that promotes faith, fun, and fellowship among America's bowhunters. Find out more at christianbowhunters.org.

Charlie Alsheimer uses BioLogic brand seeds in the food plots on his property. More information on the BioLogic product line is available at www.mossyoakbiologic.com.

Without Excuse Ministries is the collective vision and efforts of Pastor Paul Walerczak (Indiana) and Outdoor Photographer, Writer, and Internet show host Bill Winke (Iowa).

North Country Whitetails offers a broad range of advisory services to landowners seeking to improve deer quality through proper habitat development. Its founders, Craig and Neil Dougherty, advise clients on issues like property acquisition, habitat planning, and food plot development. The firm's website, www.northcountrywhitetails.com, offers timely information on habitat development and deer management, and it features advice columns written by Charlie Alsheimer, Bob Foulkrod, and Dr. Grant Woods.

Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing meals for the hungry through the distribution of hunters' excess venison. Direct your browser to www.fhfh.org to learn more about this incredible ministry and find out how you can donate venison to a soup kitchen or food pantry in your area. The Quality Deer Management Association is a non-profit conservation organization committed to ensuring a high-quality, sustainable future for the whitetail deer and whitetail deer hunting. Its website, www.qdma.org, is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the QDM concept.