Approximately two-thirds of Charlie Alsheimer's speaking engagements are sponsored by churches or other religious organizations. It is by design that such a high percentage of his presentations are held in Christian venues. Such appearances give Alsheimer the opportunity to share his faith along with his photography and insights into the natural world.

Presentation Format
Alsheimer's presentations range from forty-five minutes to an hour and a half in length. During this time, Charlie entertains, educates, and inspires his audience. The highlight of each speaking engagement is a twenty-five minute multi-media presentation featuring his award-winning photographs. Six different presentations are available, and each incorporates photography, narration, and background music. Alsheimer spends time before and after a slide presentation discussing his observations of the natural world. At the end of each appearance, he shifts the focus from creation to the Creator by sharing God's impact on his life. Alsheimer's story of how he came to faith in Jesus Christ is an inspiration to every audience that hears it.

Presentation Themes
Because of Charlie Alsheimer's expertise in the area of deer hunting, most of his speaking engagements focus on the white-tailed deer. Many churches hold sportsmen's banquets at which Charlie shares one of his multi-media presentations on the whitetail along with his favorite hunting strategies and the latest research on deer behavior.

Alsheimer's presentations do not always emphasize the whitetail, though. He has four multi-media productions that deal with topics other than deer. Regardless of the subject matter, Alsheimer brings his audiences closer to nature, giving them a newfound appreciation for God's creation.

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