Whitetail: Rites of Autumn
Text and photography by Charles J. Alsheimer

Details: Hardcover, 208 pages, Illustrated with 190 full color photos, Published by Krause Publications, Iola, Wisconsin, Released in October 2003

Price: $35.00 (plus shipping & handling)

Description: Outdoor enthusiasts have been waiting for a masterfully crafted book that provides a detailed look at the world of the white-tailed deer. Charlie Alsheimer provides just that in the follow-up to his critically acclaimed Whitetail: Behavior Through the Seasons. Whitetail: Rites of Autumn contains page after page of incredible photography and Alsheimer's personal observations of every aspect of the whitetail's life. The book's focus is the fall season - the most exciting time in the whitetail's annual cycle. This sumptuous all-color volume is both entertaining and educational, displaying a stunning array of deer images while offering considerable insight into America's favorite big-game species.

Chapter Titles: Autumn's Splendor; Prelude to Autumn - Spring; Slumber Time - Summer; Dawn to Remember; Peeling the Bone; Apple-Picking Buck; Transition Time - Early Autumn; Touched by Light; The Seeking Time; Chasing Time; Breeding Time; Recovery Time; Season of Endurance; Cast to Cast; Biology; In Search of the Future; Capturing the Memories

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