Hunting Whitetails by the Moon
Text and photography by Charles J. Alsheimer

NOTE: All moon related information, research and predictions that were in Hunting Whitetails by the Moon can be found in Strategies for Whitetails.

Details: Softcover, 251 pages, Illustrated with 165 black and white photos, Published by Krause Publications, Iola, Wisconsin, Released in September 1999

Price: $20.00 (plus shipping & handling)

Description: For several years now, the deer hunting world has debated the moon's effect on whitetail behavior. In Hunting Whitetails by the Moon, Alsheimer addresses this controversial issue. The book opens with an overview of the various theories that have been proposed thus far and then introduces a theory offered by wildlife biologist Wayne Laroche that suggests the moon triggers the whitetail rut each fall. Alsheimer explains data supporting this theory and offers expert tips on building a hunting strategy around the moon. He also discusses the environmental factors that can suppress the moon's impact on the timing of the rut and uses Laroche's theory to predict the rut's timing over each of the next twenty years. In summary, this book provides a fascinating look at a topic that is on the cutting-edge of deer hunting.

Expert Review: "Several theories have been published on how the moon affects deer behavior. I have found some of these theories to be rather confusing and questioned their validity. Then I read Alsheimer's book, and it changed my mind. Alsheimer presents data that convince me that the "rut moon" is what influences does to enter estrus. And since that causes bucks to enter the seeking/chase phase of the rut, the time of this rut moon has great significance to bowhunters...Even if you do not subscribe to any theory on the rut moon and deer breeding behavior, you will learn from this book." -Dr. David E. Samuel, Bowhunter magazine

Chapter Titles: Why the Interest?; Those Who Paved the Way, Part 1; Those Who Paved the Way, Part 2; Breaking Through - Wayne Laroche's Research; Breaking Through - Charlie Alsheimer's Research; The Whitetail's Autumn Behavior; The Rut's Timing is Everything; Hunting Strategies for the Pre-Rut Moon; Hunting Strategies for the Rutting Moon; Hunting Strategies for the Post-Rut Moon; What About the South?; The Whitetail's Rut Suppressants; '98 Observations of an Eastern Moon Watcher; '98 Observations from the West; From the Hunter's Eye - Another Perspective; Predicting the Future; Earning the Hunter's Respect; The Final Word