Whitetail: The Ultimate Challenge
Text and photography by Charles J. Alsheimer

Details: Softcover, 223 pages, Illustrated with 150 black and white photos, Published by Krause Publications, Iola, Wisconsin, Released in June 1995

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Description: This book covers all the bases when it comes to deer and deer hunting. Topics discussed include whitetail biology, scouting, hunting strategies for the rut, calling and rattling, decoying, tracking wounded deer, and the future of hunting. The Ultimate Challenge will make you a more knowledgeable deer hunter and will give you a deeper appreciation for the ultimate big game animal.

Chapter Titles: Odocoileus Virginianus; Scouting; Hunting Before the Leaves Fall; The Rut - When Bucks Go Bonkers; Hunting the Rut; Calling and Rattling Whitetails; Nocturnal Whitetails; The Second Rut?; Decoying Whitetails; Weather Fronts and Whitetails; Whitetails North and South; From the Shot to the Freezer; Tools of the Game; Hunting with a Camera; Tomorrow

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