Whitetail: Behavior Through the Seasons
Text and photography by Charles J. Alsheimer

Details: Hardcover, 208 pages, Illustrated with 166 full color photos, Published by Krause Publications, Iola, Wisconsin, Released in September 1996

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Description: This full-color, "coffee table" book is a culmination of Charlie Alsheimer's career as a whitetail photographer. It takes readers on a journey that covers an entire year in the life of the whitetail, providing a unique perspective on the world of this magnificent animal. Very few photographers have captured all aspects of the whitetail the way Alsheimer has, and the images he presents here are nothing short of incredible. More than 160 captivating photos are complemented by the author's insights on the finer points of deer behavior. Whether you are a long-time whitetail enthusiast or a casual observer of deer, you're sure to enjoy this beautiful book.

Expert Review: "The deer behavior insights and 166 color photos in this 10-chapter book are simply spectacular...Whitetail: Behavior Through the Seasons is the best deer book to hit the market in years, and it will no doubt rise to the status of an all-time classic." -Daniel Schmidt, Managing Editor, Deer and Deer Hunting magazine

Chapter Titles: Vital Statistics; Blossom Time; The Longest Season; Autumn's Splendor; Fight for Dominance; The Lure of Antlers; Deer at Rest; The Testing Time; Behind the Camera; 2000 and Beyond

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