The seeds for a career as an outdoor photographer and writer were planted early in Charlie Alsheimer's life. While growing up on a farm in rural upstate New York, Alsheimer acquired an enduring fascination with the natural world. However, it wasn't until 1979 that he left a promising career in the corporate world and made nature photography and outdoor writing a full time pursuit. Alsheimer began writing for newspapers and regional publications, as well as Deer and Deer Hunting, at that time a fledgling magazine published by the Stump Sitters. As a photographer, he invested heavily in camera equipment and began building a file of images. Still, success was not immediate. His first national magazine cover didn't come until nearly a decade after becoming a full-time outdoor communicator.

Gradually, though, momentum grew and a dream blossomed into reality. In 1996, the Nikon Hunting Annual called Alsheimer "the hottest outdoor photographer in the field." Today, he is one of the most widely recognized members of the outdoor media and is considered a leading authority on the white-tailed deer. His photos regularly grace the covers and pages of America's most popular outdoor publications, and his writings on whitetail behavior, hunting strategy, and quality deer management have garnered critical and popular acclaim. In addition to being a long-time field editor for Deer and Deer Hunting, Alsheimer's articles appear in Outdoor Life, Whitetail News, and many other prominent magazines. His books include Strategies for Whitetails, Whitetail - Rites of Autumn, Quality Deer Management - The Basics and Beyond, Hunting Whitetails by the Moon, Whitetail - Behavior Through the Seasons, and Whitetail - The Ultimate Challenge. He is also the co-author of A Guide to Adirondack Deer Hunting.

Alsheimer's ability to capture the beauty of nature on film and communicate its essence in written form has earned him numerous honors and awards. In January 2000, Deer and Deer Hunting sponsored a national survey in which participants were asked to select deer hunting's top inspirational leaders of the twentieth century from a list of fifty-seven scientists, manufacturers, politicians, celebrities, communicators, and well-known hunters. Alsheimer finished third in the voting, just behind bowhunting legend Fred Bear and conservationist Aldo Leopold. President Theodore Roosevelt and camouflage designer Bill Jordan finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

In addition to his photography and writing, Alsheimer is a popular speaker. His multi-media slide presentations and deer hunting seminars are well received by churches, civic groups, and schools across the country. He also has taught nature photography for the National Wildlife Federation. Most importantly, he is a devoted husband and father.

In the June 2005 issue of Deer & Deer Hunting, Charlie Alsheimer was honored for his twenty-five years of service to the magazine. Click here to read the text of D&DH's tribute to Alsheimer.